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In affiliate marketing including internet marketing, according to the 80/20 rule, which means that 20% of top performing internet marketers are earning 80% of money online. If you want success in your affiliate marketing business, you need to be the top 20% in this group to share the 80% of the money-making opportunities. Also, if you are not born to be an affiliate marketing guru, and then follow the successful path of affiliate marketing guru is the best choice.

1. Establish the successful business model

When an affiliate marketing guru claims that they can earn lots of thousands dollars a day, and if you comply with their approach, you will accomplish the same results. Anyway, you must correctly understand the statement. It may be true, they are bringing in the money, but it will not happen overnight, they work hard at first to get their website and income to the current level. You can not expect to start your business today and to earn $ 1,000s a day tomorrow or within a few days. You can copy the techniques used by marketing gurus to help you accomplish your goal in the shortest possible time because you can avoid most of the mistakes that will waste your time and efforts if you use your own technique.

Providing free content is a powerful way to get free advertising especially with advertising placed prominently. For example, give other people permission to use your article on their website or in their e-zine. The resource box at the end of your article acts as the advertising. Likewise, you can get free advertising. This is a win-win situation for both you and the people that need the additional content.

Monetization techniques should use well placed advertising in free content. There are many forms of free content. It may be articles, reports, news stories, e-books, e-zines, e-mags, virtual e-mail courses, press releases, web books, and so on.

You can take a step further and provide free content even more powerful way to get free advertising. For example, give your free e-book to one person and give them the rights to likewise give it away. Let us assume that only 10 people download your e-book. Those 10 persons may give away your e-book to 30 more individuals. This is a total of three hundred persons that have seen your advertising in the free e-book. It just continues getting larger! Please ensure advertising are placed prominently in your content.

If you have been to keep creating free content for a long period of time, it begins expanding. Now, take all free content and create an online directory. You can use your free content directory as a traffic generator. You can ask persons to add the directory to their site by linking to yours.

2. Develop and sell your own products

Those affiliate marketing gurus may sell others products but in the end they develop and sell their own products. Therefore, you must have your own product to achieve your goal successfully. Marketing gurus do not just sell their own products, they let other affiliates to sell their products on affiliate networks, and share a large proportion of revenue, usually 50% – 75%, to their affiliates. Therefore, in order to take full advantage of the power of affiliate marketing network to sell your products, you need to willingly portion out a sufficient profit to your affiliates so that they can pay their marketing cost while making a beneficial profit out of it.

Ensure to market your strengths. Our culture teaches us to focus on weaknesses and then improve them. Although the practice is to improve in some areas is very important, it is more critical to focus on your strengths. By turning your strengths into super advantage, your valuable time may be spent in the areas you feel good. You do learn from your failures, but you should learn more from your successes.

There are unlimited ways to highlight your strengths once you stop focusing on your weaknesses. By defining your marketing strengths and being ready your marketing efforts for those assets, you can create a dynamic business model. Always begin from this goal in mind.

3. Establish the prospect and customer list

Affiliate marketing gurus not only sell or provide their products to prospects or customers, but they are more willing to keep the contact of their customers or prospects for follow-up marketing and sales purposes. This is why their sales page’s visitors usually will be given freebies such as free e-books, guides, e-zines or content-rich reports in exchange for their email and name. Psychologically, most people like free stuff and are willing to fill in their e-mail contact just to download their freebies. This is how affiliate marketers build a large customer or prospect list that they can take advantage of up-selling their future products.

4. The value of their reputation

Top affiliate marketing gurus are well known in the internet marketing world. Their name itself is the assurance of product quality or the products they are promoting. More people believe the marketing techniques used by gurus than by an unknown marketer, in the same way. Therefore, you must use your way to become a significant Internet marketer. Writing reviews, testimonials and generating free reports to help others in their business, so you are able to get exposure and become experts. When your name is famous in the world of Internet marketing, your products or the products you are promoting will be very easy to sell.

You can follow the successful path of affiliate marketing guru to complete their level in the shortest period of time as much as possible to avoid potential mistakes along your success path.


Affiliate Marketing Sharing the Successful Models

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The Secret of Affiliate Marketing Superstars

10 Steps to Internet Success – Anik Singal’s methods

1. Pick a Niche, Rinse and Repeat – same niche

2. Tools: Hosting, Domain Name(s), Auto-responder, …

3. Website, “Virtual Real Estate” – blog, a product, article site, review site, …

4a. High Converting Squeeze Page – # of people visiting V.S. % of people who opted in , 20% -> 65~70%
(average 35~40%)

4b. Swipes or Email Copy

5. Offer, Product, PLR, MMR, Free something

6. Auto-responder – 10 days Follow up, 10 days autoresponder

  – Building Credibility

  – Building a relationship

  – Engage them

  “ Builds Trust” = SALES, $$$ in your pocket

  I. Introduce …(quick intro yourself, download link, alert future emails)

  II. Free – another download/lesson/tip/content

  III. Free – another form of download/lesson/tip/content

  IV. My own offer/product – high converting affiliate offer

  V. Content – Free, put on blog/personal video

  VI. Do #4 – your promote an offer again(same #4)

  VII. Content

  VIII. Content

  IX. New affiliate offer

  X. Affiliate offer (same as #9)

  XI. Plug your other site

7a. #4 Squeeze Page <- Traffic, Test – Optin rate -> SOLO Advertising

7b. Test: 10 day auto-responder, open rate: % of people that opened your email

Click Through rate: % of people that opened your email that clicked on a link (20%~40%), Conversion rate: % of people that clicked to purchase = $$$(1~2%)

7c. Traffic

   – SOLO Advertising (paid)

   – Facebook Traffic (paid)

   – SEO Traffic (Free, but slow)

   – Forum Traffic (medium to slow, free)

   – Youtube Traffic (slow, viral, but free)

   – Article Marketing (slow, but free, SEO friendly)

   – Blogging (slow, viral, free, SEO friendly)

8. Rinse and Repeat

9. Subscriber… 1000 people… -> Advertising Swaps

10. Become an Expert, building our own products, JV partners, our merchant/Clickbank (vendor)

Magic Formula – Vick Strizheus’ methods

Step 1: Get Offer

l Market Research

– make sure there’s high demand in your marketplace

l Product/Offer Research

– your product/affiliate/cpa/biz opp, etc.

– $$ per sale

– Is there competitive?

– One time commissions or recurring?

Step 2: Get Traffic

l Ability to test small (under $100.)

l Fast/Scalable/Consistent

l Ability to capture leads (if possible)

Step 3: Track ROI

l Always know your numbers!

– Traffic status ( visitors, CPV, unique/total )

– EPC ( earnings per click )

– Lead conversion %

l Use tracking software


Step 4: Scale Like Crazy

l Test offer with 3 different sources

l If profitable, do rollout

l Go as big as you can, as fast as you can

l Always keep your finger on the pulse

Opt-in Profits – Ewen Chia’s methods

1. Create Your Lead Magnet

  Content, Freebie ( Free Report, e-book ) <-> email list

2. Set up your Squeeze Page

3. Generate Traffic

Affiliate Marketing How to Increase Sales Conversion Rates

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Get Cash For Surveys, paid surveys

Affiliate marketing best partner plan: Robert Allen & Tony MSI plan


Your affiliate marketing strategies and actions directly impact on your conversion rate. Do not write a site purely dedicate to hard-selling your merchant products. Imagine a visitor to visit your site and read an immediate sales pitch. The people will resist, because he does not know you. Then, if he clicks to your merchant, he gets another sales pitch on the website, resulting in a double negative!

Do not put your website to concentrate on a company’s product line. Whatever you do, no matter how sincere you are, this kind of method always makes people feel like sales pitches. This is no difference that you really love, and your visitors will mistake you focus on sales. Remember, he does not know you!

This is a better development of the concept that relates to the company’s products and other products from other companies complement each other. Develop relevant content to do the pre-sale. Then get the click through in-context text links. Keep in mind, when people feel pitched are difficult to convert into a sale.

Check your site or any other method to reach, talk to and refer visitors to your promoting affiliate merchants. Put yourself in the customer’s brain. What will he think, how will he feel?

If you’re doing everything perfectly, congratulations to you! You must have a high conversion rate. If you do not have a high conversion rate, or if you see some big thinking mistakes, consider the following cases your conversion rate will be much higher.

1. As a result of doing a search on Search Engines, finding you in a sincere manner.

2. Becoming your friend or trust admirer if you do an awesome work, because you provided excellent content.

3. There will be more recommendations and fewer sales, finally led to propose the content-appropriate recommendation.

Always consider how these actions affect the mindset of your visitors, How do you reach your visitors? What do you say to him? How do you refer visitors to your merchant? Get your visitor’s idea. Find out how he will feel every step of the way. Whatever you do, consider the impact on your visitors, if it does not make him more open- to-buy, do not do it.

The pre-sale is really marketing yourself and your credibility to your customers every step of this way. You reach your targeted traffic in the appropriate manner, you provide valuable, appropriate, editorial content, and you promote affiliate marketing programs to your visitors after he has come to respect and like you. Your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Any one of the sales through affiliate marketing program is really a two-step process. It needs to send the two most anticipated response of you and your merchant. As an affiliate, what is your favorite response? No, it is not sales. This is the second step, and this is also merchant favorite response. Your favorite response is to get open-to-buy click.

Write pre-sale does not require genetic talent. This is not a gift. Write pre-sales skills you can get. Show you exactly how to do this. Just follow the items

1. Communication

2. Develop your own style and substance voice

3. Create your website / business / self in a unique position

4. Really convince people to trust and like you

Affiliate marketing is a two-step process to create sales

Step 1: You pre-sell to get an open-to-buy click through the affiliate advertising to your merchant.

Step 2: Your promoting merchant gets the deal.

Effective pre-sales, your conversion rate will rise sharply. However, if it reads like a hard-selling pitch, you will rapidly lose the credibility with your audience.

If you develop rich content, it will lead to the clicks. You will become a friend with the suggestion rather than a stranger making a sales pitch. If you create a really good website, you will really become a trusted expert with the recommendation.

If you want to create and set up a website that is relative to affiliate marketing, you must take advantage of your time and do your homework. Looking for a new concept, or a unique trick or trend that you think will become important, and be the first one to do this. Do not be a commodity. Even better, find your own unique concept.

Of course, you can create high-value, content filled with keywords to focus on the content page. The main point is to create a truly outstanding, high-value content to attract and send to your readers in search engines, increase your credibility.

By providing rich content, you can pre-sell your readers, and increase your click through rate and conversion rate. Monetization through relevant and excellent affiliate marketing programs, as well as other appropriate monetization models, you develop multiple streams of income from the website. Keep in mind, you must know how to pre-sell!