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Your affiliate marketing strategies and actions directly impact on your conversion rate. Do not write a site purely dedicate to hard-selling your merchant products. Imagine a visitor to visit your site and read an immediate sales pitch. The people will resist, because he does not know you. Then, if he clicks to your merchant, he gets another sales pitch on the website, resulting in a double negative!

Do not put your website to concentrate on a company’s product line. Whatever you do, no matter how sincere you are, this kind of method always makes people feel like sales pitches. This is no difference that you really love, and your visitors will mistake you focus on sales. Remember, he does not know you!

This is a better development of the concept that relates to the company’s products and other products from other companies complement each other. Develop relevant content to do the pre-sale. Then get the click through in-context text links. Keep in mind, when people feel pitched are difficult to convert into a sale.

Check your site or any other method to reach, talk to and refer visitors to your promoting affiliate merchants. Put yourself in the customer’s brain. What will he think, how will he feel?

If you’re doing everything perfectly, congratulations to you! You must have a high conversion rate. If you do not have a high conversion rate, or if you see some big thinking mistakes, consider the following cases your conversion rate will be much higher.

1. As a result of doing a search on Search Engines, finding you in a sincere manner.

2. Becoming your friend or trust admirer if you do an awesome work, because you provided excellent content.

3. There will be more recommendations and fewer sales, finally led to propose the content-appropriate recommendation.

Always consider how these actions affect the mindset of your visitors, How do you reach your visitors? What do you say to him? How do you refer visitors to your merchant? Get your visitor’s idea. Find out how he will feel every step of the way. Whatever you do, consider the impact on your visitors, if it does not make him more open- to-buy, do not do it.

The pre-sale is really marketing yourself and your credibility to your customers every step of this way. You reach your targeted traffic in the appropriate manner, you provide valuable, appropriate, editorial content, and you promote affiliate marketing programs to your visitors after he has come to respect and like you. Your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Any one of the sales through affiliate marketing program is really a two-step process. It needs to send the two most anticipated response of you and your merchant. As an affiliate, what is your favorite response? No, it is not sales. This is the second step, and this is also merchant favorite response. Your favorite response is to get open-to-buy click.

Write pre-sale does not require genetic talent. This is not a gift. Write pre-sales skills you can get. Show you exactly how to do this. Just follow the items

1. Communication

2. Develop your own style and substance voice

3. Create your website / business / self in a unique position

4. Really convince people to trust and like you

Affiliate marketing is a two-step process to create sales

Step 1: You pre-sell to get an open-to-buy click through the affiliate advertising to your merchant.

Step 2: Your promoting merchant gets the deal.

Effective pre-sales, your conversion rate will rise sharply. However, if it reads like a hard-selling pitch, you will rapidly lose the credibility with your audience.

If you develop rich content, it will lead to the clicks. You will become a friend with the suggestion rather than a stranger making a sales pitch. If you create a really good website, you will really become a trusted expert with the recommendation.

If you want to create and set up a website that is relative to affiliate marketing, you must take advantage of your time and do your homework. Looking for a new concept, or a unique trick or trend that you think will become important, and be the first one to do this. Do not be a commodity. Even better, find your own unique concept.

Of course, you can create high-value, content filled with keywords to focus on the content page. The main point is to create a truly outstanding, high-value content to attract and send to your readers in search engines, increase your credibility.

By providing rich content, you can pre-sell your readers, and increase your click through rate and conversion rate. Monetization through relevant and excellent affiliate marketing programs, as well as other appropriate monetization models, you develop multiple streams of income from the website. Keep in mind, you must know how to pre-sell!


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