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The Secret of Affiliate Marketing Superstars

10 Steps to Internet Success – Anik Singal’s methods

1. Pick a Niche, Rinse and Repeat – same niche

2. Tools: Hosting, Domain Name(s), Auto-responder, …

3. Website, “Virtual Real Estate” – blog, a product, article site, review site, …

4a. High Converting Squeeze Page – # of people visiting V.S. % of people who opted in , 20% -> 65~70%
(average 35~40%)

4b. Swipes or Email Copy

5. Offer, Product, PLR, MMR, Free something

6. Auto-responder – 10 days Follow up, 10 days autoresponder

  – Building Credibility

  – Building a relationship

  – Engage them

  “ Builds Trust” = SALES, $$$ in your pocket

  I. Introduce …(quick intro yourself, download link, alert future emails)

  II. Free – another download/lesson/tip/content

  III. Free – another form of download/lesson/tip/content

  IV. My own offer/product – high converting affiliate offer

  V. Content – Free, put on blog/personal video

  VI. Do #4 – your promote an offer again(same #4)

  VII. Content

  VIII. Content

  IX. New affiliate offer

  X. Affiliate offer (same as #9)

  XI. Plug your other site

7a. #4 Squeeze Page <- Traffic, Test – Optin rate -> SOLO Advertising

7b. Test: 10 day auto-responder, open rate: % of people that opened your email

Click Through rate: % of people that opened your email that clicked on a link (20%~40%), Conversion rate: % of people that clicked to purchase = $$$(1~2%)

7c. Traffic

   – SOLO Advertising (paid)

   – Facebook Traffic (paid)

   – SEO Traffic (Free, but slow)

   – Forum Traffic (medium to slow, free)

   – Youtube Traffic (slow, viral, but free)

   – Article Marketing (slow, but free, SEO friendly)

   – Blogging (slow, viral, free, SEO friendly)

8. Rinse and Repeat

9. Subscriber… 1000 people… -> Advertising Swaps

10. Become an Expert, building our own products, JV partners, our merchant/Clickbank (vendor)

Magic Formula – Vick Strizheus’ methods

Step 1: Get Offer

l Market Research

– make sure there’s high demand in your marketplace

l Product/Offer Research

– your product/affiliate/cpa/biz opp, etc.

– $$ per sale

– Is there competitive?

– One time commissions or recurring?

Step 2: Get Traffic

l Ability to test small (under $100.)

l Fast/Scalable/Consistent

l Ability to capture leads (if possible)

Step 3: Track ROI

l Always know your numbers!

– Traffic status ( visitors, CPV, unique/total )

– EPC ( earnings per click )

– Lead conversion %

l Use tracking software


Step 4: Scale Like Crazy

l Test offer with 3 different sources

l If profitable, do rollout

l Go as big as you can, as fast as you can

l Always keep your finger on the pulse

Opt-in Profits – Ewen Chia’s methods

1. Create Your Lead Magnet

  Content, Freebie ( Free Report, e-book ) <-> email list

2. Set up your Squeeze Page

3. Generate Traffic

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