Secrets Affiliate Marketing Superstars Won’t Tell You

Real Truth of Affiliate Marketing: Why You Can’t Make Money Online?

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Affiliate Marketing Superstar Ewen Chia provided the reasons:

Reason #1: Not Having the Right Mindset

  • Treat this as a real business!
  • It can happen fast but not overnight
  • Have your goals and a simple plan
  • Take responsibility for your own actions or lack of it!

Reason #2: Not Having Enough or Any Focus

  • Focus on one thing at a time!
  • Leverage your skills and time
  • Understand you can’t do everything – outsource if possible
  • Have some discipline to follow through

Reason #3: Not Having Mentors

  • Learn from people who are already successful and model them
  • Observe what they do
  • Copy what they do!
  • Find mentors you are comfortable with

Reason #4: Not Knowing Who Your Customers are or Understanding What They Want

  • What’s your niche??
  • Spy on them – what do they want : understand easily their want from Forum
  • Understand problems and give solutions
  • Make them choose you over competitors!

Reason #5: Not Doing Enough or Any Marketing!

  • Do what really matters!
  • Wasting time on unimportant tasks
  • Reaching out to your customers
  • Having a daily “To Do List” marketing plan

Reason #6: Not Having the Correct or Right Business Model

  • Many ways to make money online
  • Need to focus on one business model
  • Everyone is different!

Reason #7: Not Having a List of Subscribers!

  • The list is the key to long term profits
  • Focus on activities that grow the list
  • Importance on giving value – including selling to your subscribers
  • Consistency in growing the list bigger

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