Brainstorm Your Affiliate Marketing Site Concept

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The most important part of your entire affiliate marketing business is to wrap up the necessary preparation work before you begin “doing business” on the Internet will, of course, delay your grand opening. But it’s important that you take your time to prepare well now. Then there’ll be nothing to repair or repeat once you launch. You’ll just roar ahead!

Most people fail in any business because they don’t plan adequately. That’s three times as true for an Internet business and five times as true for what you are about to do.

If you pick the wrong concept, if you develop the wrong topics, if you pick the wrong affiliate programs… you’ll get the wrong results.

So many small businesses fail to start at the beginning with Content. Instead, they start at the end with Monetization.

The hardest part, where 98% of small businesses fail, is in attracting Traffic, the visitors who convert into income. Yet many start with the cash register!

What you are about to read is likely a radical departure from what you have been doing. Take your time and read carefully. Receive the key to becoming an Affiliate Marketing Superstar.

Back to real-time preparation. You have already started your journey in the right direction by completing the first preparatory step, the foundation for all future actions…

Brainstorm a high-potential idea. Discover the best Site Concepts for you. Then narrow them down to the one with the most potential. Remember… it takes just as much time to build a low-potential business as a high-potential one. So invest the time now to maximize your returns later.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, has a special interest… a passion. Everyone knows something that is of value to others… something that others on the Internet seek.

Passion makes work fun and easy…

What is it that you love to talk about? Read about?

What is your hobby?

What do you do for fun and games?

What are your natural talents?

Don’t forget to look right under your nose…

What special body of knowledge have you learned from your job?

What do you do day after day, without even thinking about it (ex., child-rearing, taking care of sick parents, renovation contractor, customs inspector).

Think about what you do in a typical day, and what you’ve learned from it…

What sections of a bookstore or a magazine shop do you automatically gravitate toward?

What kind of TV shows do you tend to like most? Movies?

What activities do you enjoy most about your current occupation?

Is it research?

Helping customers achieve their goals?

Managing other people?

Teaching or explaining things to others?

Talking/selling on the phone?

Organizing things?

Making a process easier?

Discovering or creating new products or services?

Marketing products?

Problems are also a good source for ideas because problems need solutions!…

What bugs you?

What’s tedious?

What does not work?…

We all encounter obstacles, problems, and nasty people in the course of whatever it is that we do every day. What are the three biggest problems in your work place? What are your biggest pains as a parent, or as a teacher, or as a gardener, or as a single mom, etc.?

Now repeat all the questions above, except pretend that you are in a “five years ago” time warp. Yes, ask yourself the same questions, except place yourself where you were five years ago. Next, repeat for ten years ago.

Call friends. Ask your kids. Phone your parents or your siblings… or anyone else who can jog your memory. It’s so easy to miss what others see. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, and it is not as easy as it sounds, is to find a subject that you really know and like.

Take your time on this — the final concept will, after all, form the foundation for your affiliate business. So, now that you have read this far, review all the above brain-stimulators with pen and paper (or keyboard) in hand.

Write down concepts as they hit you — make the list as long as you can. Don’t censor yourself. Just write down ideas for Site Concepts as they occur. Next, pick the three concepts that you love the most and that you think would have some appeal for others — this is your “short list” of Site Concepts.

Remember… if a concept really turns you on, you won’t be working. You’ll be playing. So focus on topics that you

since you really are an expert, you just may succeed in developing tons of Keyword-Focused topics to be able to create lots of high value Keyword-Focused Content Pages about Botticelli. You may end up “owning” this niche. And, while completing the prep work, you may discover…

a superb art gallery that specializes in Botticelli, but that gets zero Net traffic

a stock photo service that features a comprehensive selection of Botticelli art

a Botticelli museum in Florence.

The stock photo service has an affiliate program. You set up a private referral arrangement with the other two. You’re in e-business heaven!

How big should you grow your Site Concept? How much should you change it? Only you can decide. And you’ll be able to do that when you finish…


Secrets Affiliate Marketing Superstars Won’t Tell You

Real Truth of Affiliate Marketing: Why You Can’t Make Money Online?

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Affiliate Marketing best partner plan: Robert Allen & Tony MSI plan


Affiliate Marketing Superstar Ewen Chia provided the reasons:

Reason #1: Not Having the Right Mindset

  • Treat this as a real business!
  • It can happen fast but not overnight
  • Have your goals and a simple plan
  • Take responsibility for your own actions or lack of it!

Reason #2: Not Having Enough or Any Focus

  • Focus on one thing at a time!
  • Leverage your skills and time
  • Understand you can’t do everything – outsource if possible
  • Have some discipline to follow through

Reason #3: Not Having Mentors

  • Learn from people who are already successful and model them
  • Observe what they do
  • Copy what they do!
  • Find mentors you are comfortable with

Reason #4: Not Knowing Who Your Customers are or Understanding What They Want

  • What’s your niche??
  • Spy on them – what do they want : understand easily their want from Forum
  • Understand problems and give solutions
  • Make them choose you over competitors!

Reason #5: Not Doing Enough or Any Marketing!

  • Do what really matters!
  • Wasting time on unimportant tasks
  • Reaching out to your customers
  • Having a daily “To Do List” marketing plan

Reason #6: Not Having the Correct or Right Business Model

  • Many ways to make money online
  • Need to focus on one business model
  • Everyone is different!

Reason #7: Not Having a List of Subscribers!

  • The list is the key to long term profits
  • Focus on activities that grow the list
  • Importance on giving value – including selling to your subscribers
  • Consistency in growing the list bigger

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The Secret of Affiliate Marketing Superstars

The Secret of Affiliate Marketing Superstars

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The Secret of Affiliate Marketing Superstars

Affiliate Marketing Novices Should Know the Advice

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Affiliate marketing best partner plan: Robert Allen & Tony MSI plan

If giving affiliate marketing novices only a piece of advice, it would be like this: stop the cash bleeding. Almost no failure, the new Internet marketers and affiliate product marketers grab the products and software packages left and right.

Whenever they see anything for sale, especially if it is the big launch product in the future, they will buy it. They will be enticed by the copy and they will stir up the credit cards, to buy what they really should not buy. Therefore, suggesting you stop doing so.

Right now, you might protest. You may say that you need the information. You may complain about needing to be willing to spend money in order to make money. But ask yourself where you read that kind of message. Have you seen their sales page? Have you heard them coming from someone who sells products you’ve purchased?

If that so, the man was almost definitely saying it to loosen up your wallet. So tighten up your wallet again. Strengthen some resistance to enticing. Right now, many people do not realize this, but the Internet is full of free information. Much of it is comparable to what you will find in products you might pay $39, $69 or even $99 for. Although you might expect to get more from those products or at least some guarantee to their quality, buying them is usually completely unnecessary.

In most cases, 92% of people who buy these E-books only to browse through them consider the inclusion of some new interesting ideas to their business model. But, for the most part, ignore mass of text and continue their happy manner.

If this is also what you do with these E-books, then your wallet is best to save all the cash. Instead of buying E-books you can’t and won’t use, save your money and spend your time taking a first-class education from completely free information. If you are an Internet marketer or affiliate marketer, spend some time on sites such as Offervault or Warrior Forum that it will be helpful to speed up your learning process.

Rather than focusing on all kinds of cunning tricks which probably have never worked once for you, spend your time sincerely trying to improve your current business model which may be high shortcomings, but contains some functional elements.

Ask yourself whether there is a considerable drawback to your current business model that can be improved. For example, do you track all of your advertising effectiveness? If not, how can you expect to know which one is successful, and which one is unsuccessful? In addition, are you advertising in every possible place where you can get a pretty good return? If not, you are wasting your money!

Therefore, instead consistently setting very high target, and spending hundreds of dollars to understand how to do it, put the cash in your wallet. On the contrary, work on slight but continuous improvements to your current business model.

This un-charming way that is slight but continuous improvements, this is just the big companies, such as Sony, have used to get better and better continually, capture a greater market share, eliminate competitors who are stagnant or are risky too much.

This suggestion to any new affiliate marketer is not tactical at all. On the contrary, hope you can avoid the gimmicks, cut back on unnecessary spending and focus on your business model. After all, you know far more about your own business model than any guru does.

Finally, focus on continuous improvements, focus on making more and more affiliate marketing product sales every day, and try to avoid all of the “must have” products. Soon, you will earn what you want.

Top Affiliate Marketing Techniques

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Affiliate marketing best partner plan: Robert Allen & Tony MSI plan

The definition of extreme stupidity is to do the same thing twice and expecting different results. If you are on a completely wrong path – if you are seeing no results whatever – then it is time to try a different approach. Or it is time to accept that you’re simply crazy. You should seek help before you try to enter into affiliate marketing.

Right now, even if you are getting good results, you need to figure out how you can improve and speed up the process, so that you do not duplicate redundancy. If you want make a six figure income – and even an eight-figure income – then you have to do something that is actually different from you are doing now. You must increase your sales volume 10 times or 50 times in some way.

The biggest problem is “how can I do this”? Here are some suggestions:

Tip # 1: Start working as a business owner

Now, you might be obsessed with the idea of the strong, individualistic affiliate marketer: a person who can sell thousands and thousands of products by himself without any help. You may think of the image of the Internet marketers who do not need other people in the brain, but he can generate tens of millions of revenue on his own.

If you want to be an affiliate marketing superstar, you have to abandon this idea. That is pure fantasy. Most of the big name Internet marketers and affiliate marketers have a team of contract workers, freelancers and paid staff. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to find people who can strengthen your weaknesses. No matter how smart you are, you have a lot of weaknesses.

In addition, affiliate marketers do not work in isolation. Most of them are friends with the marketers who sell products for, which gives them more leverage efficiency and access to information than you have. So start thinking about yourself as a business owner, rather than a completely self-sufficient Internet marketer.

Tip # 2: Focus on the regular sales

Though big product launches can be very promising, and the idea of $399 commissions can be very attractive. To focus on the regular sales, while not a dream and winning the lottery. The regular sales are very easy to quantify and predict; for this reason, it is much easier to continually push up the small, regular sales until hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars every year.

For example, John Reese sold a lot of small affiliate marketing products before he became world-famous Internet marketer. He sold a large quantity, such as golf balls and clubs and made a fixed monthly income of more than $ 50,000 doing so.

So, if you are the top affiliate marketer for some major new product launch, do not worry. On the contrary, concentrate on the regular sales and increase sales on a regular basis.

Tip # 3: Do what they do, not what they say

By now you’ve heard it dozens of times, but you have only actually done it few times. Next time, Internet marketers expose a new way to use as affiliate marketing killer, ignore it. Do not buy the book. Do not listen to what they say. On the contrary, watch what they do.

Watch the channels through which they promote the products. Observe carefully to judge what methods they are using to make sales, so you can copy their successes, rather than chasing behind dreams they have written about.

Tip # 4: Duplicate the successful experiences

During the process of affiliate marketing product promotion, carefully observe the success and failure cases and find out the reasons for the failure to be corrected, the analysis of success factors to copy success factors, and accumulate more successful experiences.

There is no single path to affiliate marketing riches, and this is a good thing. On the contrary, there are many ways which allow you to make millions dollars. So scout carefully, look for functional methods that you can use, and implement them in your own efforts. You may be surprised at the results. However, no matter what you do, do not continue to use the strategies that have not worked in the past.

Sharing the Success Stories of Affiliate Marketing Superstars

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Affiliate marketing best partner plan: Robert Allen & Tony MSI plan

One of the best ways to learn affiliate marketing is to follow those who have done it very successful. However, instead of purchasing their products which is also a good idea, you can see what they actually do.

Below, I’ve included some brief case studies on two name affiliate marketing superstars. If you read these case studies and follow their actions closely, you should be able to get a lot of tips you can use the next time you decide to sell affiliate marketing products.

John Reese: affiliate marketing superstar

John Reese is a young marketing genius who has quietly been marketing online since prior to the birth of the Internet. He is a well-rounded marketer who has successfully exploited countless niches, been actively involved with eBay (in fact, he even profited $38,450.27 from one auction) and is an expert in traffic generation and conversion.

The turning point before reaching success: Selling a domain name for $900. Buyer then resold it for $1,000,000 in cash. Made him realize the easy way to make money was letting other people show you where the opportunities are. The hard way is to try and do something completely new.

Most recently, he has made quite an impact on the affiliate marketing community by selling $1,080,496.27 worth of product in one day.

Of course, John is an example of how hard work and perseverance pays off, but his success wasn’t instant. He is very candid about his desire to become successful that eventually found him $100,000 in debt and with a host of health problems. But over the past several years, John worked hard to turn it around and has built up millions of dollars in online sales.

His marketing strengths are Researching, Testing & Tracking and being able to the key point of concepts and ideas.

Robert Allen: millionaire of the rich mentor

After graduating with an MBA from Brigham Young University, in 1974, by his own account he began making small real estate investments and eventually became a self-made millionaire and amassed a multi-million dollar net worth in just a few years.

The internationally famous rich mentor Robert Allen for the first time on stage presentation, the title of his book “one minute billionaire” suggested that the workers must actively expand their second, third or even fourth source of income while he shared his own past experiences to branch out writers, speakers, real estate, the wealth creating secret of direct sales work, I hope you can become a billionaire.

The product price is getting higher, but the salary is not up, we all want to increase the income. Robert Allen said: “In this environment, the source of earnings for each person must be like the river, from stream to suck up many tributaries of the upper reaches before eventually converging river, this thinking way is more important in modern society.”

Robert Allen also pointed out that Chinese society is full of vitality that everyone wants to be the boss. Everybody is very intelligent and eager to succeed. Establishing the diversified compensation concept, it is easier than European and American. He also believes that Chinese is easy to succeed as long as grasping the opportunity, he is like to share one minute billionaire and the main concept of compensation diversified in Asia, I hope everyone can make a fortune!

Robert Allen best-selling author of Multiple Streams of Income, Creating Wealth and Nothing Down has now co-authored another best-seller, The One Minute Millionaire. He has helped thousands of people obtain financial freedom. To prove his strategies in The One Minute Millionaire, Robert Allen is in the process of selecting a team for The One Minute Millionaire Challenge. Robert Allen and Ethan Tony Chien are working the MSI partner plan from zero to ten million dollars. Therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn the overall process for affiliate marketers who are eager to be an affiliate marketing superstar.

Both John Reese and Robert Allen are talented affiliate marketers with a history of success. If you also want to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you should follow their guidance, master their tactics, and take action.

Affiliate Marketing Advances Tactics Disclosed

Affiliate marketing best partner plan:

Robert Allen & Tony MSI plan


Whatis the secret that allows an affiliate marketing superstar to make hundreds or even thousands of sales, and your efforts to the sale of the same product only rare turnover? Why can affiliate marketing superstars obtain a large number of cash and you only strive to live?

Think it over carefully: you’re both selling the exact same product. The only possible difference is that the marketing tactics you use. Now, I have included some of the tactics that you should use to sell more like affiliate marketing superstars. Try to incorporate them
into your tactics.

Tactic # 1: Long-term strategy

Without exception, affiliate marketing superstars almost always have a very large and fascinated audience. Rather than going around looking for customers whenever new products launch, they usually have those customers well in advance, they pre-sell them before the product launch. Jeff Walker is very successful selling the product of Product Launch Formula which specifies a detailed description of how to sell the complete process. In contrast, less successful affiliate marketers often use such as Google Advertising method to deal with everything.

Whenever some new launch is coming up, they will throw together a promotional website; and try to use pay-per-click search engine advertising or solo advertising to direct traffic to the website. But there is one major flaw in this way: almost without exception, people will purchase a popular product from an Internet marketer they already know.

This is why you must perform the long-term strategy. Not just focus on each individual product launch, but prepare an approach that will work consistently for years. Start creating a list, send all your traffic to a promotional website and provide an attractive sales offer. This is the practice of affiliate marketing superstars, and it is also what you should do, if you want to make more sales.

Tactic # 2: Learn as much as affiliate marketing superstars

Many affiliate marketing superstars are also big name Internet marketers. They have the role of public figures that you can easily follow. You can find their names on forums. You can scout out their websites and blogs. You can join their mailing lists. Carefully follow the affiliate marketing superstars and learn the lessons they have unintentionally. Sign up for their mailing list and watch out they begin to pre-sell products; or how they avoid pre-sales and then talk about a few days after the product

Affiliate marketing superstars take dozens of different ways. These methods are not necessarily the “right” way, but you can learn from each of them, since they may be successful if the affiliate marketing superstar is using them. Therefore, creating the automated money system is the successful secret of affiliate marketing superstars, the automation and efficiency is the key that Mailchimp is popular to be used as the auto-responder tool.

Tactic # 3: Look for revealed preferences and ignore talk

Talk is only this: talk. Many Internet marketers talk about the various ways you can use to make money. They will tell you use advertising with Google Adwords or create a list, or to create viral reports or e-books to do the viral marketing.

Although some information may be useful and reasonable, ignoring what they say and looking at what they do. This is called revealed preferences. If the method is feasible, they are likely to reuse it, so look out these things and ignore the babble.

Strategy 4: Make friends with the seller

Believe it or not, the seller also wants you to be successful. So contact him in advance and make friends with him, to see whether he give you any particular advice on the sale of products. Keep in mind that he talks a lot of affiliates under normal circumstances and has the best understanding of the tactics that they actual use.

Strategy 5: Participate in the plan of the affiliate marketing superstar

Affiliate marketing superstars often come up with many creative ideas, such as Robert Allen provides “Multiple stream of Incomes”, Offer Creation, and etc. Participating in their ongoing programs to learn how to complete the process and suggesting your ideas to them, and may even become future partners.

Affiliate marketing superstars use a series of tactics in order to consistently overwhelm other affiliate marketers. But one thing they always do is the long-term strategy. They build the lists, create forums, secure a fascinated audience before that the product is released.

How to Establish the Influence of Affiliate Marketing Superstar

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Affiliate marketing best partner plan: Robert Allen & Tony MSI plan

As an affiliate marketing superstar is that your status allows you to get a lot of recognition among other marketers, and sometimes will allow you catch the attention of companies or individuals that want you to participate in their affiliate marketing programs.

Here are some tips on how to take advantage of your affiliate marketing superstar status to build your influence and generate ever-greater profits for you. It’s simply natural to share the wealth of your experience as the affiliate marketing superstar. Because of your success in affiliate marketing, you can easily help marketing beginners to avoid some of the more common mistakes.

Under your guidance, they will not fall into some of the side roads that all too often are part of the learning process before becoming a competent affiliate marketer. Being proficient in affiliate marketing and willing to share with others, you will boost the reputation in the industry. You can also help improve the image of the affiliate marketer, since too many people still associate affiliate marketing with email spam. Point out ethical ways to market the products and promote yourself, to work with opt-in e-mail lists that are qualified, you do the business in general a service, your presence is even more compelling. Therefore, you can set up the Education Network of membership fees charged to promote the products and enhance visibility, such as Ethan Tony Chien, Frank Kern’s Mass Control, Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, and so on.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing superstar status is the ability to select various affiliate marketing programs. As is true of any business community, word about success will quickly spread throughout all marketers. Once your name or the name of your affiliate begins to make the rounds of the business world as a heavy hitter, you may find that your days of looking for affiliate marketing opportunities is over. On the contrary, companies come to you with solid offers and perks in an effort to entice you to speak for their affiliate marketing programs.

Such recognition can be personal and professional rewards. It is one thing to be able to secure work whenever you go looking for it. The other thing is quite to have the work come looking for you. For affiliate marketing superstars that like to meet and greet people, you may find that you can gain some additional income from the speaking circuit. The name value you as an affiliate marketing superstar status has been generated, it is not impossible that could make a handsome amount of money by making yourself available to speak at conferences and other gatherings devoted to affiliate marketers. Such as Ethan Tony Chien around the world speaking tour to recruit members, Robert Allen held charge lectures, and so on.

Holding workshops at these sorts of events is another way you could earn some extra cash. Because you will essentially serve to inspire other people to do your specialization do not spend too much time to prepare materials and be ready to deliver a keynote speech at such an event.

As another perk, you may not pay for everything, so you do not have additional expense. Making the most of your affiliate marketing superstar status means enjoying the opportunities that come to you through word of mouth; in addition, you can increase your visibility to enhance the status. Keep in mind that anything you do to promote yourself will not only generate new revenue methods, but it may also create additional traffic to these websites that made you an affiliate marketing superstar. To maximize your options, you can have a good revenue stream for many years.

Recognizing the Characteristics of Affiliate Marketing Superstars

Affiliate Marketing Superstars advertising

The majority of affiliate marketers have one goal to become known as an affiliate marketing superstar. But what is the meaning of the term, and what characteristics does a man have to show in order to achieve this lofty status? Here is some background on the affiliate marketing superstar and what it takes to be a noble few who can rightfully claim this title.

In essence, an affiliate marketing superstar is a marketing affiliate that has created a network to provide a high volume of traffic to affiliate products and complete a high percentage of sales. The affiliate marketing superstar is not one who reached that level once, or even just had a short time. On the contrary, the affiliate marketing superstar has been a long time to achieve high sales, resulting in an endless stream of sales, it seems never to reduce.

Initially being able to identify the affiliate marketing superstar may not be easy. After all, there are some affiliates to generate stable income from one or a combination of affiliate marketing programs, and in fact there are some excellent skills. However, there are attributes that will set the affiliate marketing superstar apart from most other marketers.

One of the most important features of the affiliate marketing superstar is the capability of recognizing opportunities that others can not or will not see. Affiliate marketing superstars must have the vision that they often come up with new methods and new places online to make revenue opportunities for the products they want to promote.

Not satisfied to be documented tried and true path, the affiliate marketing superstar will brainstorm new variations on old themes, or even thinking about some new areas that is ripe for the introduction of affiliate marketing. You will never hear an affiliate marketing superstar to say that everything has been completed. The affiliate marketing superstar knows there is one more road to travel; all it takes is the vision to find the road
and start walking.

Creativity is another characteristic of the affiliate marketing superstar. The ability to propose the same old information is new methods will keep people interested. Affiliate marketing superstars know how to look at products from a variety of different angles to determine a series of methods to render the product, then go out and find an audience to match up with each one of the methods. For the affiliate marketing superstar, there are always more ways to draw attention to products, and find a larger audience than ever before.

The third characteristic of the affiliate marketing superstar is the desire and ability to master the technology. It is not necessary to involve becoming an expert in information technology. But it does involve learning enough about existing technology to take advantage of methods already existing on the Internet to promote products. Not be scared to submit reports, articles and classified ads in different formats to different websites, resulting in a greater ability to spread the message about all good products that can be obtained through these links and advertising.

Affiliate marketing superstars do not flinch because it may take some time to learn new things. Instead, they will be eager for the challenge and look forward to the day when they have mastered one more new bit of Internet savvy.

Finally, affiliate marketing superstars often show a lot of patience. Using logical thought processes, the affiliate marketing superstar is able to push aside the desire for instant results and do what it takes to create and nurture a secure affiliate network that will step up the horsepower sprint and then never slow down again. This does not mean that the affiliate marketing superstar is against the rapid income. What it does mean is that when the affiliate marketing superstar sees an opportunity that may take a few weeks or months to fully develop and bear
fruit, they do not ignore it.

On the contrary, the affiliate marketing superstar will diversify the business strategies to include affiliate opportunities that provide a quick turnaround while still devoting time to nurturing one that will require more time but will produce big results in the end.

The affiliate marketing superstar may be very few, but the fact is that they can teach us a lot of things, if we will obey. In the end, they may trigger something that allows us to get on the road to affiliate marketing superstar status, and someday we can achieve the goal.

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Affiliate marketing best partner plan: Robert Allen & Tony MSI plan